Thursday, November 11, 2010


     There seems to be so many opportunities on the internet it's really hard to try and pick the right one. Every Guru out there is ready to make you rich and their time frame can be anywhere from minutes to hours to aweek to 3-6 months and yada yada yada. I mean in my case I used to chase every program presented to me.

     Every day my e-mails would present me with golden promises of riches beyond what I could spend. I'd like to see that I can outspend any and I mean any income I could ever derive. I was blessed with 7 children and now have 12 grandchildren and they all are experts at picking pockets or at least my pockets. Hey, who cares if you can't spoil your own family who are you going to spoil.

    Believe me life can be great if you want it to be. However I'm getting off my point. Really I was sometimes into so many programs I would forget what some of them were. My advice to you internet and home business seekers is: Your in a real business not just a hobby, your the CEO the top gun the chief executive. Pick something to sell either product or information that you love. Take a little time and research your passions. The internet can give you plenty of info on top products- health, diet, sports, fishing, golf etc.

     The biggest thing in my mind is to get the proper Training and Marketing strategies because if you don't you will fail. It's not a shoo in that your going to succeed, you have got to know how to get people to trust you and follow you, not the pill or potion that you have decided to peddle. People buy from people they trust, if they have faith in you they will believe what you are presenting to them is for their well being and it really should be.

     The point is the company or companies you choose can change. They might decide they have made enough and stop marketing their products or info. They may decide your making too big of a commission and lower your percentage. If you have a good following of people who believe in you, Heck, you can switch companies in a minute and still have believers and followers. Help you followers or your downline by offering great Training and Marketing. Stuff that can help them build a solid list and keep them earning.

     I'm going to expose a site that you can actually use for FREE that gives you tools and tutorials that will train you to be a Major Force and Big earner. Do yourself a favor and take a good look at this site it sure can't hurt and don't forget it doesn't have to cost you a penny. I invite you to fill in your info and take my free boot camp. Or just go to this link. FREE NOW