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Getting Your X Girlfriend Back And How To Keep Her From Leaving Again

     Getting Your X Girlfriend Back And How To Keep Her From Leaving Again. If your hurting and need to rekindle your relationship, follow the advice posted below.

     There isn’t too much info on the subject of how to get your X girlfriend back again so I thought I would investigate it and comprise a formal article about it. I’m sure this is a situation many of us in our lifetime have found ourselves in. OK so let’s look into the solution.

     As I see it we obviously made mistakes somewhere along the way but pencils have erasers so we can rectify those mistakes. Let’s look at both the good and bad side of relationships that have gone in this direction.

     Now time is of the essence you will want to act as quick as possible. As a matter of fact if you wish immediate action CLICK HERE NOW 

     A breakup to many brings deep pain and when you feel that pain you might do what is opposite to the actions you should be doing. Now don’t forget we have to act fast. Number one on the list is STOP AT ONCE being weak, passive and overly-agreeable. For biological and evolutionary reasons we don’t need to get in to now, women seek strong men who can protect them. And men don’t respect women who let them get away with everything

     Of course after a breakup it is extremely hard to act like a tough guy but it is essential that you do so and you know what, it’s not that hard if you agree not to make the mistakes I am going to mention. Also a quick wake up people who have been hurt certainly don’t want to play games but you better because it’s GAME ON time.

     Women and men constantly test each other to see if that other half is a good candidate for a long term relationship so if you don’t want to play along you will surely be left out. GAME ON.

     OK enough!!! Let’s get to it there are 7 mistakes that you need to avoid and your probably making these mistakes right now. Is this you?

** Acting depressed so your X will feel bad for you and invite you back out of self pity?

** Being overly nice and telling her that you love her over and over again?

** Telling her you are going to change and things will be different if she takes you back?

** Buying her gifts or flowers or anything you think would woo her?

** By  being a trickster that means using anything such as money, kids, guilt etc.(you know what I mean) to practically bribe her back to you?

** Futilely trying to reason, argue and use logic to persuade your X  to come back to you? Why? Women make decisions based on emotions not based on logic. I can show you how to leverage her emotions.

** Last but not least doing nothing at all completely shutting her out of your life. 
      It’s hard to believe, but all of the above will only further push your X girlfriend away from you. What actually works seems very counter-productive but I assure you it is based on deep rooted female psychology. I’m talking about the stuff that makes her tick. The stuff she has absolutely no control over. It’s how she is biologically programmed to behave
Take Action Now Or She’ll Find A New Man To Have Sex With.

      Women always look for a rebound after a breakup. Did you know that based on a study released August 5th 1997, researchers say that women have sex with an average of 12 men in their life while men only have sex with 7 women? How’s that for shattering a sexual myth
     Women have it a lot easier than men because other men are always hovering around them ready to pounce on the opportunity to console them knowing sex will allieviate all their frustrations.

     It’s hard picturing your ex girlfriend having sex with another man. Sooner or later She’ll spread her legs and give herself to somebody else and  it’ll probably happen sooner than later. And the longer you wait, the more your window of opportunity closes.

    You need to act fast, but you need to act in the correct manner. You need to act in a way in which your girlfriend will respond to. Again, most people start a painful break up by making mistake after mistake. It’s a hard time for anyone to know what to do… but there is a right and a wrong way to try and win your ex back.

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