Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What's is the story ?
     Gold and silver are recession proof commodities. If you pay attention precious metals rise in price even if the world is reeling under financial crisis. This is why the Numis Network was created it is a business that deals in numismatic coins.
     The three founders are vastly experienced in network marketing. Their leadership is one of the major assets of the company.
     Yes, it's about collecting coins it's a hobby that has been treasured by many people who know the the value of such coins keeps increasing with time. Numis Network has introduced the system of grading to authenticate collectible coins and assist in ascertaining their value. The merchandise is modern gold and silver coins issued by various Government mints around the world.
The Opportunity
     There are two ways to make money, one is to invest in graded coins and wait till they appreciate in value. The other is to become a partner in the business and spread the word  to other coin collectors. You can become a representative by purchasing a package that entitles you to a beginner pack. This pack includes a Silver Eagle collectible coin, training videos,lead management and marketing programs and email campaigns. There is also a replicated website that is yours, webinars, access to national sizzles calls and a weekly schedule of events to help you grow your business.
Why Join ?
     This is an MLM business with a difference. While most other network marketers sell potions and pills  you'll be improving the financial health of your customers by selling coins. While stocking up on health products may prove disadvantageous in those businesses, you're only gaining by keeping a stock of coins because they appreciate in value over time.
     My personal opinion is you can make excellent money, enjoy the beauty of the coins and truly hedge against inflation for yourself and your customers. Don't forget there is great upline help and a good marketing program.
     You can further promote your business by marketing and training strategies offered from the Free help you can receive from the links I'm about to provide you for you. To your success !!




Tuesday, December 21, 2010

" PROCRASTINATION " Do you suffer from it !!!

PROCRASTINATION: The art of delaying or putting off an action.

     Procrastination is an illness which I believe we all suffer from time to time. I know we don't like this illness so how do we handle it. We can't go to the Procrastination Doctor because he doesn't exist. So let's  use some home remedies.

     If you have an online business and want to succeed at it you need to not put off doing the important tasks you need to perform to attain your goals and desires. I mean things like I'll give up smoking after the Holidays or I'll give it up after the big party we are going to. This applies to everything diets,exercise,smoking and any bad habit we want to rid ourselves of'.

     Believe me it's hard because we work hard and in our minds, we say well I'll do it after that TV show or after I relax a little or after I take a little nap because I deserve these breaks. OK, so think about applying yourself when you feel the least like applying yourself. I mean things like Webinars or trainings,social networking, writing articles etc.,etc. The payoff for pushing yourself could bring great rewards so the time given now will turn into the life you want for yourself and your family.

     My whole point for this article is to let you see that if there is a Training or a guru who can help you. Take advantage of it. We all know the money is in the list in the recruiting in the relationships we build with other like minded mlm people. I urge you to seek the best possible training available to you. I know I have found that training and I seriously want to share it with you. Your success means as much to me as my own success. Avail yourself of my FREE boot camp opt in on this blog or go to my web site and finally learn the secrets of successful online marketing. To your success. GO HERE NOW don't procrastinate