Thursday, January 27, 2011


      Motivation can come from many different places in life. One of the great things about living in the physical world is that without a doubt, each day presents new agendas and new opportunities. No matter how hard you try; no matter whether you pass or fail in your attempts to accomplish your goals, the empowering hand of Spirit is on your shoulder. We applaud you for your efforts and urge you to continue on your beautiful journey through life--even with all of its emotional ups and downs.
It is never lost on the other side that you will need encouragement from many sources. In order to be happiest, much of the encouragement has to come from the competitive nature that is inborn in all people. It is the mechanism we use to survive. In this case, I said "we" because the reality is that you are never absent of the motivational vibration and love of those in spirit. What I'd like to ask all of you to do is to envision what exactly you see as a successful life, or even to do this with a time frame much shorter. Write it down so that it becomes a transfer from a mere thought to a significant action. Having the intent to do something is not good enough without the validity of actions. This is where the aspects of motivated living is formed.

     These words come to you from the power and voice of Saint Paul. I am one of the most ardent teachers of the way of love. It is my mission to enlist all good people and all great souls in the Light, to be on a path that makes your life seem special. This is solely because you are a special beacon of the loving rays of God. We will supply the love; especially in trying times. Many lessons on the physical plane are good for the aggregate lessons for the soul, but you must physically endure them. In this way, you will become freer and possess a level of comfort within the walls of your heart, thus you become a superb example for others to live by. Your light will bless many people, thereby making you the motivator to millions. Yes, millions is not an overstatement. Each action you take has a direct influence on others, and then the wave of positive energy abounds throughout the lands.
    There is no one better to turn to than yourself and your inner power. Yes, you have an inner power that can get you through the pitfalls of life. Think about the way you have handled endless situations in your life and draw upon the power you used in those situations. Remember, your never alone if you can maintain faith in yourself and your fellow man. The world and your situation is never as hopeless as it may seem. May the universe and whatever almighty power that exists guide you this and every future day of your life

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011



 I have a tough job. People like to argue with it.
Sometimes when I meet someone for the first time the subject of what we do for a living comes up. When I tell them what I do, they’ll start an argument about it.
    “I’ve tried goal setting, it never did anything for me.”
    “Those quacks say you can just set a goal for a million dollars and it will come true. Everyone knows that doesn’t work.”
    “What’s the point? I’ve tried New Years resolutions and they never come true.”
This is an easy argument for me to win, because Goal setting does work and I will prove it in one of these typical conversations…
Paul: “Hey, I see you have a car out there. Did you inherit it?”
No Goal Guy: “No, I bought it.”
Paul: “So, Did you just rip a check out of your checkbook and hand it to someone and say “Bring me a car.” ?
No Goal Guy: “No Paul, I wanted a Cadillac. So I saved up some money and went up to the dealer and bought it at 5% financing on the balance.”Paul: “Ok, so why did you choose a Cadillac? Did someone command you to go buy it? Did they pick out the Red color? Did they insist you get the improved stereo? Did they demand you get the Cts series?”
By now, they are starting to pick up that I am setting a trap.
No goal guy: “Is there a point to this? I’ve wanted a Cadillac  for years – it’s my dream car. Finally, I got to the point where I could afford one, so I went up and got the color I wanted with the enhancements I wanted.
Paul: “So you admit goal setting does work….
No goal guy: “That’s not goal setting.”
Paul: “Of course it is. Goal setting is working toward a dream and achieving it. You formed a picture of that car in your mind, you unconsciously worked a series of steps, and then you eventually obtained it.”
The act of not setting goals is virtually impossible.
Frankly, a person who doesn’t set goals is either in a coma or dead.
Think about it. Nearly everything you own, all of your surroundings are a result of a picture in your mind before you built, made or bought it. Some readers got what you wanted more efficiently by first acknowledging that it works but also taking advantage of it by using the system to get more.
So does goal setting work? Of course it does. There are only varying degrees of efficiency with it.
I liken it to you wanting to go somewhere and let's say your are in a train station and approach the ticket window. You say to the clerk I wish to purchase a ticket for the train. Of course his first response is what destination do wish to go to. Then you stupidly answer. Oh, I don't care just give me a ticket to anywhere. Sir, I can't sell you a ticket unless you tell me where you wish to go it must be a specific place. Do you get it? You want to go somewhere or attain something but you don't know what, it's like getting lost and going around in circles you'll never get to where you want to be.
Paul Barrus

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Friday, January 14, 2011


                                 DO YOU BELIEVE THE HYPE
Many people don't know that it's possible to make a living online, or at least a good extra income. Most think you have to have to go to college and have a great job to make a lot of money these days. Well if you think that way, I'm about to really surprise you, and show you exactly how you can make a lot of money online starting now! The truth behind Mobile Monopoly, it is not a scam!!
This is happening right now - the old online “money holes” are freezing over… the mother load is going mobile… and all the “old school” marketers are left shifting the deck chairs around before their ship goes down.
In fact… this is set to be the biggest “redistribution” of wealth online since before the dot-com “tech wreck” of the early 90's: All those “experts” sitting pretty on top of big, lumbering businesses are in for a rough ride… with this product called Mobile Monopoly.
… and if you're JUST STARTING OUT, new and nimble with nothing to “unlearn”… you're about to get in on the ground floor and skip right to where it would have taken you years to get to fighting it out on Google.
And it's not just me saying it - the companies on the inside of this trend watching it play out are scrambling to “reinvent” themselves from scratch to make mobile their new best friend.Mobile Monopoly has postured itself to be in the driver's seat of the 21st century
• It's why Google's not calling itself a “search engine” anymore - their new mantra's “mobile first”… and they're going on the record warning…
*  It's why Apple doesn't want to be in the “computer business” anymore - they're a “mobile company” now!
And the facts prove it's not just some “fad”… because…
* There are already 5 billion people walking around with mobile phones --that means mobile is already nearly five times bigger than the Internet
* (Since you are going to be one of the first people to REALLY get into mobile marketing, you need to understand just how huge this is.)
* Apple just sold over 2 million more iPhones… and Google's bragging that their customers are activating 160,000 Droid smartphones a day!
(that's at the same time the biggest maker of desktop PC's is on the verge of bankruptcy)…
*More than HALF of all new Internet connections are from mobile “smartphones”… and…
* These 5 billion cell phone owners… 51 million+ smartphone surfers… are carrying these pocket-size computers around with them around the clock!
* (get this: 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24/7… and about a third of people with a cell phone would rather be without their wallet than their phone!)
* Think about it:  If you timed out how much of the day you spent with your cell phone vs. sitting at your computer… it wouldn't even be close, would it?
* (Yet most marketers have no clue how to market to people who aren't glued to a desktop PC!)
A critical key is to make sure you do it in a way that will not be perceived by the recipient as annoying or an intrusion. The way it works is you purchase an advertising block of a fixed amount. A $50 advertising block is typical when it comes to marketing via cell phones. Your message about the product you found at ClickBank gets sent to tens of thousands of cell phone owners. You only pay something when the user "clicks" on your advertisement. A very small amount of about 5 or so cents per click.
Here is something to consider. Most of the items on ClickBank will pay you a commission amount of between $22-$55. Let us say 1 out of every 100 phone owners who clicks on your ad buys the product. At 5 cents a click your total cost for a sale is $5. Even for a $22 product sale your STILL making a $17 profit. Even if only 1 in 200 people who click on your cell phone ad buy your still making a decent profit.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011



                                                     YES OR NO ? SEE BELOW

     Lead Net Pro is the newest “lead scraping” tool to hit the market recently. While it claims to move at lightening speed and have an accuracy rating of 99%, I think we all know it’s not going to be that accurate.
I decided to investgate a bit and get the real Lead Net Pro facts so I could give those looking at the program an honest insight to what your getting.
     Unfortunately you have to buy it to be able to get any kind of test run on it and  while it is a pretty good investment at $397.00, if it does even half of what it says it could do it would be well worth it.
     The first thing I was thinking was if it’s as fast as they say it is, there is going to be some serious time needed on setting it up. I”m not a “technical” person by any means,  so I was fully prepared to be sitting in front of the computer for half the day trying to get it running right. Much to my surprise, it was really very simple to install. There is only a couple of minor things you need to install on a hosting account and you’re up and running.
Now, they do suggest having a separate hosting account that you use for Lead Net Pro only. I bought an extra one through Hostgator for $8.95 a month and that’s where I loaded it up. Due to the fact you will be using an in house email-er, they say you shouldn’t put it on your hosting account that you have websites already on in case there is a problem. Makes good sense to me in the fact that you don’t want your sites to be penalized in  case your hosting account gets complaints.
They’ve done a really really good job explaining how to go about contacting these leads without getting any spam complaints.  It’s  a pretty simple formula that’s will work for sure.
    Now that I was up and had the Lead Net Pro MLM extractor ready to go, I realized that it’s not just for MLM stuff. You can really use this for a ton of other things you might want to do too also.  If you sell physical products or have an online business that caters to offline businesses, this thing can really cut down on your time.
So the main thing I wanted to test out was just how fast this thing would fly. They state very clearly that they are the fastest program out there, but I always like to see things for myself. .
Everything is searched for by keyword so it makes it very easy to pull just what you are looking for. One thing to be aware of though is not searching for things with broad intent. You want to be as targeted as you can in order to get the best results. If you search for thing like “home based business”, there are any number of things you could get back that won’t be any good for you. So make sure that you are drilling down as close to the exact thing you are looking for.
Finally, I decided to see just how easy the mailer and the phone set up was in Lead Net Pro. Yes, they actually have a phone system that you can automate to get people interested in what it is you are offering and you don’t have to hire a telemarketer to do it. You can just pre-record messages and load them yourself. Both programs were very simple to set up and test out even for someone who is as “Techie stupid” like myself.
    Overall, I was very impressed with the system itself. Like anything else, if you don’t use it, it’s not going to give you any results, but if you do, it would be really difficult to see how it couldn’t get you your money back very quickly.
The compensation plan for it is really good as well. The first sale goes to the person who introduced you to the course and then after that, you make $300.00 for each sale.  Only thing I wasn’t to fond of is the fact you have to actually buy the system before you are allowed to promote it, but with as many people grabbing this program as expected, I don’t think there will be any shortage of buyers any time soon. Have your best day and year ever.
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Friday, January 7, 2011


                                                TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL THAT IS THE QUESTION
     What am I trying to convey by asking this question ? I'm trying to get you to see that it is better to teach people than to sell to people. Whenever someone has something to sell they immediately sing out about how great it is to whoever will listen . It is just not a natural thing to refrain yourself from telling potential customers about your goods or products, instead of teaching them how they can accomplish what they want to on their own, without having to buy from you. There are few that do it this way but that is why it WORKS LIKE HECK for those that do.
     When network marketing was first started some 60 years ago a good old fashioned sales pitch could get the job done. That was a legitimate approach to building a second income. Even sales tactics like cold calling strangers and inviting them to a sales meeting at your house with the allure of cocktails and finger foods to tell them about your opportunity was effective.
     Today let's look at the hard facts. Every household has two or more computers, two or more TV sets and people are bombarded with hundreds maybe even thousands of sales pitches a day. Really the only way to get attention and make yourself stand out is to be a trusted teacher.
     This doesn't mean you never tell anyone about your products or your opportunity it simply means you have to win the right to pitch to them ( if you choose to call it that), by building a relationship first.
     Getting top notch people to line up to buy your services or products and join in your oppurtunity is relatively simple. You say how, well stop doing what is unattractive to them and that means stop the sales pitches and do what is attractive to them. I believe what 's attractive is to teach and help others. Why ? Because, no one in network marketing today should be putting themselves through the misery of repeated rejection by friends and family.
     Do yourself a big favor and seek out your own personal strategies and training so you can pass on that info to your fellow marketers, especially the ones that are seeking the same success and the same opportunity you are. Be a friend and a teacher it really is quite rewarding and also quite profitable to approach your business in this manner.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011


     Why do most people get involved with Global Domains International or "GDI"?  I Imagine people get involved with this opportunity either because they want their own domain name or they wish to have a residual income online.

     Let's be honest the internet is a billion dollar industry. So your pretty smart if you want to grab your share of that. If you somehow found out about "GDI" you probably are interested to know if it is another scam. Because it is a network marketing company certainly doesn't mean it's not legit.
     Global Domains is ranked # 37 by the Inc.500 magazine and has been around for more than 10 years. They certainly seem to be a big part of this industry. Many people in the company choose to market the business opportunity first then the product so many marketers see that as a red flag going up and the light bulb goes off in their heads it's got to be a scam.
     Before you start a business and I mean any business customers need to be able to locate you and on the internet, your address is your domain name. The part of the internet address that comes after the www.--- dot com continues to sell like hotcakes. There are 20 million dot com domains and over 34 million domains overall registered worldwide.  Experts say there will be more than 500 million domains registered in the next 10 years.
     I believe GDI isn't a scam; however, there appears to be much about this industry showing that making money with their system can be quite difficult. They do have great products. Marketing is a key to staying on top. Look for a marketing company which will teach you how to drive traffic to you and to your website this is a much more effective way to build a business and make a large income online ! You can take advantage of a marketing and training site that you can use absolutely FREE by visiting here. CHECK IT OUT
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