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Paul Barrus Secrets: What is A Numis ? A Real Opportunity? Or A Gold an...

Paul Barrus Secrets: What is A Numis ? A Real Opportunity? Or A Gold an...: What’s is the story? I am about to revel what a Numis is and whether it is a real opportunity or just a way to scam you into buying Gold an...

What is A Numis ? A Real Opportunity? Or A Gold and Silver Scam?

What’s is the story? I am about to revel what a Numis is and whether it is a real opportunity or just a way to scam you into buying Gold and Silver. Now let’s not forget our economy seems to be tanking so is this the way to hedge yourself and your family into prospering in this economy. I will say just this when we are in recession or even depression like conditions more millionaires are made. Not to say this is going to make you a millionaire but who knows maybe.

Gold and silver are recession proof commodities. If you pay attention precious metals rise in price even if the world is reeling under financial crisis. This is why the Numis Network was created it is a business that deals in numismatic coins.

Yes, it’s about collecting coins it’s a hobby that has been treasured by many people who know that the value of such coins keeps increasing with time. Numis Network has introduced the system of “Grading” to authenticate collectible coins and assist in ascertaining their value. The merchandise is modern gold and silver coins issued by various Government mints around the world.

Is there an opportunity for you and I the regular guy,? You bet there is, just read on and you will understand how you just can’t go wrong with jumping on this bandwagon. Gold and Silver Numismatic coins are the real deal.

There are two ways to make money, one is to invest in graded coins and wait till they appreciate in value. The other is to become a partner in the business and spread the word  to other coin collectors. You can become a representative by purchasing a package that entitles you to a beginner pack. This pack includes a Silver Eagle collectible coin, training videos,lead management and marketing programs and email campaigns. There is also a replicated website that is yours, webinars, access to national sizzles calls and a weekly schedule of events to help you grow your business.

Why Join? This is an MLM business with a difference. While most other network marketers sell potions and pills  you’ll be improving the financial health of your customers by selling Gold and Silver numismatic coins. While stocking up on health products may prove disadvantageous in those businesses, you’re only gaining by keeping a stock of coins because they appreciate in value over time. There are also top knotch marketers in this business. The three founders are vastly experienced in network marketing. Their leadership is one of the major assets of the company.

My personal opinion is you can make excellent money, enjoy the beauty of the coins and truly hedge against inflation for yourself your family and your customers. Don’t forget there is great upline help and a good marketing program. GO HERE NOW

 You can further promote your business by marketing and training strategies offered from the Free Netdivvy training site where I have learned numerous cutting edge marketing techniques.

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I think it’s worth researching are you lucky at Love or unlucky at Love? How about this author doesn’t believe there is any luck involved at all when it comes to LOVE.

You say are you kidding, John gets all the girls or Sue can have any guy she wants I’m sure that’s the way it appears when you are on the outside looking in.  I’m about to tell you that it’s more than just luck or even great charisma. Do you want to be able to say things like I’m lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Well there are proven methods to improving your relationships, having relationships, meeting the one of your dreams, keeping those relationships alive and more. Guess what it isn’t lucky love. Well then what is it? Let's look into it....

Lovemaking is the primary key to relationships and sex is the motivating factor that keeps us all going. When you master this then you can say I’m lucky in love, no one has to know you’ve actually found the secrets.  Let them think you’re just lucky.

You’re here because you would like to make your sex life exciting. You want to make it hot. Passionate. Mind-blowing. You probably want to find ways to please your girlfriend or mate.  Or if they are already your wife or girlfriend you can be lucky in love with your best friend. Don’t wait make it happen you deserve it.

I am about to revel to you that there are actually 500 tips that you can use to make it hot and steamy. If  you’re a seasoned lover or don’t have much experience it doesn’t matter. You’ll find many valuable ideas and tips to make your experience even better.

If you’re ready to put more fire in your bedroom I suggest you look at this, you owe it to yourself.

In five minutes you can have these proven secrets working for you. Guess what you’re going to discover LUCK has nothing to do with it. It is these time proven secrets that will explode your sex life and your relationships.

Please Don’t Worry while there are many wild, exciting and juicy ideas, I promise that none of them are immoral, degrading, perverted or raunchy. 

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Getting Your X Girlfriend Back And How To Keep Her From Leaving Again

     Getting Your X Girlfriend Back And How To Keep Her From Leaving Again. If your hurting and need to rekindle your relationship, follow the advice posted below.

     There isn’t too much info on the subject of how to get your X girlfriend back again so I thought I would investigate it and comprise a formal article about it. I’m sure this is a situation many of us in our lifetime have found ourselves in. OK so let’s look into the solution.

     As I see it we obviously made mistakes somewhere along the way but pencils have erasers so we can rectify those mistakes. Let’s look at both the good and bad side of relationships that have gone in this direction.

     Now time is of the essence you will want to act as quick as possible. As a matter of fact if you wish immediate action CLICK HERE NOW 

     A breakup to many brings deep pain and when you feel that pain you might do what is opposite to the actions you should be doing. Now don’t forget we have to act fast. Number one on the list is STOP AT ONCE being weak, passive and overly-agreeable. For biological and evolutionary reasons we don’t need to get in to now, women seek strong men who can protect them. And men don’t respect women who let them get away with everything

     Of course after a breakup it is extremely hard to act like a tough guy but it is essential that you do so and you know what, it’s not that hard if you agree not to make the mistakes I am going to mention. Also a quick wake up people who have been hurt certainly don’t want to play games but you better because it’s GAME ON time.

     Women and men constantly test each other to see if that other half is a good candidate for a long term relationship so if you don’t want to play along you will surely be left out. GAME ON.

     OK enough!!! Let’s get to it there are 7 mistakes that you need to avoid and your probably making these mistakes right now. Is this you?

** Acting depressed so your X will feel bad for you and invite you back out of self pity?

** Being overly nice and telling her that you love her over and over again?

** Telling her you are going to change and things will be different if she takes you back?

** Buying her gifts or flowers or anything you think would woo her?

** By  being a trickster that means using anything such as money, kids, guilt etc.(you know what I mean) to practically bribe her back to you?

** Futilely trying to reason, argue and use logic to persuade your X  to come back to you? Why? Women make decisions based on emotions not based on logic. I can show you how to leverage her emotions.

** Last but not least doing nothing at all completely shutting her out of your life. 
      It’s hard to believe, but all of the above will only further push your X girlfriend away from you. What actually works seems very counter-productive but I assure you it is based on deep rooted female psychology. I’m talking about the stuff that makes her tick. The stuff she has absolutely no control over. It’s how she is biologically programmed to behave
Take Action Now Or She’ll Find A New Man To Have Sex With.

      Women always look for a rebound after a breakup. Did you know that based on a study released August 5th 1997, researchers say that women have sex with an average of 12 men in their life while men only have sex with 7 women? How’s that for shattering a sexual myth
     Women have it a lot easier than men because other men are always hovering around them ready to pounce on the opportunity to console them knowing sex will allieviate all their frustrations.

     It’s hard picturing your ex girlfriend having sex with another man. Sooner or later She’ll spread her legs and give herself to somebody else and  it’ll probably happen sooner than later. And the longer you wait, the more your window of opportunity closes.

    You need to act fast, but you need to act in the correct manner. You need to act in a way in which your girlfriend will respond to. Again, most people start a painful break up by making mistake after mistake. It’s a hard time for anyone to know what to do… but there is a right and a wrong way to try and win your ex back.

     For some powerful dating tips and relationship advice and especially advice of how to get your X back CLICK HERE NOW  

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The real  honest work at home" is it legitimate or just a scam?

   If you are looking for the best way to have a real honest job and work from your home, then keep reading. This is  a review without censorship and an important issue. The ups and downs, what did not work and finally, the only thing that actually helped me achieve my personal goal of working at home.

   What if I only took a couple of hours per day and was available worldwide! Sounds too good to be true? It's not! You can even start working minutes from now. Let me explain ...

   I gave up my bricks and mortar business where I was putting in between 12 to 16 hours daily. Before that I spent many sleepless nights on the web just looking for something to do, for anything that can help keep me and my family. I just wanted a way to make money, not lose it, as I soon discovered that in the case of many Internet frauds.

   Like you, I often stumbled upon all types of web sites offering me some scheme of the matrix of money, promising me all the money in the world. Yeah, right! From stuffing envelopes, Multi Level Marketing Programs, High Yield Investment, the sale of all types of useless products. Whatever, I've been there, done that. Finally, I found something that worked ...

   Online advertising has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2010, companies spent about $ 50 billion advertising online. That figure is expected to multiply in 2011. What does this mean for you? The money could go into your bank account much faster this year. And next year. And the following year. That is, if you follow my methods.

   You see, worldwide companies are desperately searching for people like you to write your ads and post them online and they pay you well in return. It's a win-win situation. To get more customers, you get paid. It's as simple as that. These companies have cash, lots of it, and are eager to share it with you.... It's time to get your piece of the PIE.

   All you need to get started is a computer with Internet access. What we do is short text ads for companies and present it in various forms online. That's all there is to it! No , previous experience necessary, just basic computer skills. You do not need any degree in marketing to do this, all you need is the will to make money from home. Heck, you don't even have to have finished high school!

   We will teach you exactly how to do all our video guides with tutorials that walk you through in a step by step image. This way, you can learn at your own pace. All types of people around the world use this system to make more money than I ever thought possible. So, why not? You can work part time or full time, it's up to you and that's the beauty of it. No one will give you orders! You have become your own boss.

   You know and I know, 99% of the chances of making money on the web are useless. Over a period of 10 years, I've tried everything and nothing comes close to this.

   Note!!! That I did not even mention about not having to awake to the sound of an annoying alarm clock and rushing in stressful traffic to get to work at a dead end job.

   That's the beauty of working at home! Absolutely no passenger traffic, no stressful boss and your in control of your own time. No other person has control it is yours alone. That's a great feeling.   That's because you choose how and where to spend your days. If I like, I can spend 30 minutes on the computer or more, it's totally up to me.

   Now, I have the time to do things on my schedule, not someone else's. You can do the same work in the comfort of your own home! Go here to see the work that changed my life. LAZY WAY TO REAL CASH

37 Food Items You Can't Get In Diaster Situations...And May Not Survive Without them.

There are 37 food items that you may not be able to get if a disaster situation occurs and these are items you may not survive without...

* The first food item that will fly off the shelf, (obviously it's impossible to survive without this) so I'll tell you exactly where to get it before the general public – and how to store it securely…

* How to practically "smell" a disaster coming, and how to lockdown your supplies or get anything you're low on before the mob goes crazy…

*Keep your family from being attacked and robbed by buying these items before they're "on the radar"…

     Some of you already are aware, but some will be brand-new to this threat. the bottom-line is, any disaster (big or small) could force you to go weeks without food.

   Without the essentials we may not survive.  And there’s going to be no way to get them when a crisis hits. Without the essentials we may not survive.

    Think about it: How would you survive a terrorist attack if it caused widespread panic, they might shutdown all shops and stores in your area?  Would you want to be forced to beg neighbors for food or be shipped off to FEMA camps?

    Could you and your family survive hurricanes or snowstorms that whipped your neighbors into a “panic-buying” frenzy - grabbing any food they could get their hands on?  What if the stores weren’t restocked for weeks?

    How would you live during weeks of “rolling blackouts” making it impossible to store food or for stores to get more food in stock?

     What would you do if your home was hit by a flood, washing out roads and making it impossible for stores to supply food for weeks – would you survive?

    How would you deal with protesting labor unions refusing to ship food – would your kids go hungry?

    What would you do if an earthquake rocked your home and disrupted all abilities to get supplies in or out (this would be devastating anywhere, but especially in a city)?

   The sad part is, people don’t think any of these very real disasters will ever happen – or at least, won’t happen to them (maybe this is what you’re thinking)…

History says otherwise:

Remember these recent disasters that cost thousands of lives…?

     In 2011 after the Tohoku Tsunami in Japan over 300,000 people were evacuated to camps where some died.  Survivors lined up for blocks outside of 7-11s and grocery stores for a scrap of food

    We have seen how the US goverment, Local Authorites and FEMA respond. How about when KATRINA hit. During Hurricane Katrina in 2004 stores closed, looters ran wild and everyday, hardworking people were forced into begging and ended up at FEMA camps.

    The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami wiped out the shops, stores and food transportation channels for many people.

    In the 2010 the Haitian Earthquake, followed by the massive Chilean Earthquake as many as 316,000 people were killed and are still struggling to reestablish consist access to food.

    And every year in the US alone there are tornadoes touching down in the southeast, blizzards throughout the northwest, earthquakes out west, severe droughts in central US, wildfires in California, and floods literally everywhere.

    In fact, FEMA states that every American lives in a flood zone.  The only question is if you’re in a low, medium, or high-risk area.

    A human can die just hours after dehydration – especially if they’re physically exerting themselves (like running from a mob or fighting off an attacker).

    And life without food means a slow and painful death, starting with confusion and diarrhea and ending with spine-wracking convulsions and hallucinations from hell.

    It’s not fun to think about, but even if a crisis only lasts a few weeks it can be deadly to you and your family if you’re not prepared.

   That’s why I’ve put together this list of 37 crucial food items.The thousands of people who have been helped by my Survive-Anything guide need to know what these items are.  Heck every American needs to know what these are…

    Because honestly, without these crucial items you’re family isn’t going to be prepared – and they disappear at even the hint of a crisis. See, there’s going to be no way to buy any of these critical items after a crisis. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how rich, popular or politically correct you are.  When people are starving and panicking you’re not going to get what you need without a fight

   The great thing is these 37 items won't break the bank.  But the big problem is, if you don't have them in advance. Many stores will close and spoiled Americans will panic. When a crisis strikes who are these clueless freeloaders going to try and come to? There’s no way to deny that food prices have been skyrocketing as it is. Which makes it even more important to buy these 37 critical items before the prices go even higher.

     Now, even if you’re in debt or on a tight budget, you can afford to protect your family and get most critical food and water items. As you can see this isn’t a guide that sends you to the camping store to spend hundreds of dollars on dehydrated survival food. Like it or not, when people’s children are starving, there are going to be riots.  Looters will try to take food by force. This guide will show you exactly the 37 Items you need to have and where to get them. LEARN MORE HERE

here are 37 food items that you need to survive a diaster.

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   Hello, Paul here. It would seem if we review the Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software it's a tool that suggests just what it's title implies. It generates Targeted Traffic from visitors and is on Auto Pilot. That's a really nice feature
     The seller of this product makes some strong claims about the mass amounts of traffic he generates and with a pictural review in the beginning of the main website he displays four different accounts which would seem to back up the offer. There is no reason to doubt their authenticity.
     Keep in mind this is a review of Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software and the opinions on this tool are mine. As with any product which might seem useful to the reader I urge you to do your own research before purchasing the product. Having mentioned that let me continue with this review.
     In our typical busy schedules time is of the essence. This software seems to be just that a time saver and a revenue producer. What this system does is to simplify your effort. Other methods are tedious, complicated, challenging, expensive, stressful, time cosuming and above all overcrowded. This vendor is so confident this program will work for you there is a 60 day risk Free refund offer.
     WHAT IS IT: It was developed by a gentlemen named Mo Latif who before he developed this was already a 6 or 7 figure income eaarner. He developed this program to simplify it for himself. It doesn't use the old traffic methods such as Article Marketing, Search Engine Optimazation, Adwords etc. These methods take a long time to see results. Mo Latif claims auto mass traffic system is used by the Fortun 500 companies and other big players.  You as a marketer can link directly to your offers or your affiliate offers without a landing page which is another plus.
     There is full training via manuals, videos and coaching software. It sure seems it is worth checking out you can visit their main website by CLICKING HERE NOW. It appears to this writer if you want to take your online business to the next level financially and easily this could work for you. Have your best day ever.
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   This Has Gotten Me By Every Day…On Days Of Great Need…And On Great Days Of No Need

My morning begins with this as I lie in bed before my feet touch the floor I say these words in my mind., Let me caution you I am Roman Catholic and some of these words may not be your belief. I wish to offend no one so if you believe this prayer of mine will do that please read no further.

                         I Wish To Share This With All Who Would Be Inspired By It

Oh Jesus, through the Immaculate heart of Mary I offer you my prayers, my works, my joys and my sufferings of the day. Please take One Soul out of Purgatory. Help me throughout the day. Take my hands, my heart, my eyes and my mouth and let everything I do Jesus be an offering to you today. Please forgive me for my sins and help me to be more Christ like. Let me touch someone in the world as you once touched someone when you walked the face of earth.

I beg you dear Jesus let Today be the day I will reach my Goals. Father in Heaven in the name of your son Jesus take me by the hand and walk with me. Grant me the favors I ask you as a son and let me please you as a son would please his Father. Thank you for all you wonderful and beautiful blessings, protect my family and myself throughout the day. Let me Love and understand my fellow man and bear no animosity  to anyone. Amen

I don’t really know how I brought together these particular words but they are my words I did not copy them or see them in any text. I felt like it was time to share them with my fellow man for they have helped and given me strength to face each day. If they help even one person my life will be all the better for it. God Bless You.

If you are an online business person my 8 day boot camp may help you build a list to explode your business. If you can use help opt-in with your name and email. It is all Free. Have your best day ever and Good Luck.
P.S. my personal training site is

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Good Character Is It Something You Need ?

                        Do You Have Good Character Or are You Just A Character                   
                                                                                                                                                       Character is based on six pillars which I will get into shortly. The point I want to make is you need character to succeed and flourish in this new world of ours. You need strong character to feel good about yourself and your ablility to contribute to the world we live in. You need good character to pass on to your children and fellow man the good that surrounds us every day, good that we sometimes overlook.

I personally think it's our duty to practice good character and aid our fellow beings anytime we can. You know what it sure makes you feel good.

I  am going to explore the attributes I believe are needed to have that good Character. So here we go.

Be honest • Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal • Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do • Have the courage to do the right thing • Build a good reputation • Be loyal — stand by your family, friends, and country.

Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule • Be tolerant and accepting of differences • Use good manners, not bad language • Be considerate of the feelings of others • Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone • Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements

Do what you are supposed to do • Plan ahead • Persevere: keep on trying! • Always do your best • Use self-control • Be self-disciplined • Think before you act — consider the consequences • Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes • Set a good example for others

Play by the rules • Take turns and share • Be open-minded; listen to others • Don’t take advantage of others • Don’t blame others carelessly • Treat all people fairly

Be kind • Be compassionate and show you care • Express gratitude • Forgive others • Help people in need

Do your share to make your school and community better • Cooperate • Get involved in community affairs • Stay informed; vote • Be a good neighbor • Obey laws and rules • Respect authority • Protect the environment • Volunteer

These  principles were taken from a book titled Making Ethical Decisions.

I only hope today's business person or entrepenaur uses these ethical decisions when dealing with his fellow man or woman.
I believe I have found an ethical training and marketing site that truly has the interests of their subscribers success and well being on their minds at all times. Please take advantage of my 8 day millionaires boot camp next to this post which will introduce you [ without any financial output ] To the NetDivvy plan for your prosperity and success.

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Any home project you would like to attempt such as building a cabinet, hanging a shelf, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, putting in a door or window requires tools. Now we can use the ones we already have or we can go out and get the best tools suited for the job at hand.Let's explore this, say we are going to cut several pieces of wood we could use that hand saw that's been in the garage or basement rusting away or we could go purchase a power saw. Wow, that sure made that job a lot easier and faster and it looks good too.If we were going to put up a whole room of shelves we could measure from the floor or ceiling the equal distances to get it level and it still may be off because our ceiling or floor was off. In this day and age you can go out and purchase an inexpensive laser level install those shelves in half the time and your friends will think a professional had a hand in it.By now I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at. Your much better off having the best tool available for the best results and the least amount of aggrevation and standing back enjoying the fruits of your labor. The satisfaction that you feel from saying I made the best decision or investment and it turned out to be is quite rewarding.The same can be said if you have a home based or online business you SHOULD pick up the best tools available to make that business a success. You need quality leads and loyal followers  but you also want to have them feel you are there to help them and you really should be. You can lend them your tools or even go as far as to go to their place and show them how you installed your finished product.Right now there is a tool company out there that you can use and they provide quality tools and quality help and training like none you have ever experienced before. I'm going to expose below what you can expect to get if you take advantage of these tools.

                                                              THE TRUTH ABOUT IT                                                   

The hidden truth about the NetDivvy System is it's ability to teach you how to sponsor, train and motivate your downline with the necessary tools for your success in the network marketing industry. The system addresses the issue of training and motivating your affiliates with the marketing strategies that the top producers use daily. One of the most enticing features about network marketing is that you are in control of your own business. Neither bosses nor employees can tell you what you can or can not do. No one can lay you off, transfer you, or tell you to work more or less hours. Your territory can not be reassigned or downsized, and product lines will not be taken away from you and given to a coworker.With the exception of corporate rules and regulations, which rarely include any surprises, all authority rests with you. The time of day or night that you work, the marketing tools that you use, the product mix that you sell, the people you sponsor, and how and when you train them, all of it is up to you! There is one caveat: The ultimate success of your business is also up to you; however, NetDivvy certainly teaches how to use the strategies for a higher success percentage.But even that caveat is not anything to fret about, because network marketing consist of both downline and an upline that ideally interact with each other. That is another enticing feature. The NetDivvy System will provide you a system of strategies and ongoing training for yourself and your downline to assure your success in this industry. You will become the expert pro in your business; thus, attracting people into your downline.With their system they are talking about getting a leg up on over 97% of your competition. NetDivvy is talking about something that has NEVER been done in this industry before. The MOST important principle in building your business online is learning to generate leads. Once you master it, you can systematically build ANY business you want.Here is a glimpse of some of the strategies the system will teach you to use:1. Pay Per Click - Google, Yahoo and Bing
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Twitter
5. Blogs
6. Hubpages
7. Pay per view and CPA networks
8. Banner Advertising
9. Ezine advertising
10. Articles
11. Forums
12. MUCH, MUCH MOREI hope by now you want to go to that tool store and look at all the tools they have hanging on their shelves you truly should be blown away like I and Many of my friends were.I also have to add you can use this system for FREE just like borrowing your friend tools. What a deal that is. VISIT MY FAVORITE TOOL STORE NOW
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      Motivation can come from many different places in life. One of the great things about living in the physical world is that without a doubt, each day presents new agendas and new opportunities. No matter how hard you try; no matter whether you pass or fail in your attempts to accomplish your goals, the empowering hand of Spirit is on your shoulder. We applaud you for your efforts and urge you to continue on your beautiful journey through life--even with all of its emotional ups and downs.
It is never lost on the other side that you will need encouragement from many sources. In order to be happiest, much of the encouragement has to come from the competitive nature that is inborn in all people. It is the mechanism we use to survive. In this case, I said "we" because the reality is that you are never absent of the motivational vibration and love of those in spirit. What I'd like to ask all of you to do is to envision what exactly you see as a successful life, or even to do this with a time frame much shorter. Write it down so that it becomes a transfer from a mere thought to a significant action. Having the intent to do something is not good enough without the validity of actions. This is where the aspects of motivated living is formed.

     These words come to you from the power and voice of Saint Paul. I am one of the most ardent teachers of the way of love. It is my mission to enlist all good people and all great souls in the Light, to be on a path that makes your life seem special. This is solely because you are a special beacon of the loving rays of God. We will supply the love; especially in trying times. Many lessons on the physical plane are good for the aggregate lessons for the soul, but you must physically endure them. In this way, you will become freer and possess a level of comfort within the walls of your heart, thus you become a superb example for others to live by. Your light will bless many people, thereby making you the motivator to millions. Yes, millions is not an overstatement. Each action you take has a direct influence on others, and then the wave of positive energy abounds throughout the lands.
    There is no one better to turn to than yourself and your inner power. Yes, you have an inner power that can get you through the pitfalls of life. Think about the way you have handled endless situations in your life and draw upon the power you used in those situations. Remember, your never alone if you can maintain faith in yourself and your fellow man. The world and your situation is never as hopeless as it may seem. May the universe and whatever almighty power that exists guide you this and every future day of your life

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you tube:

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 I have a tough job. People like to argue with it.
Sometimes when I meet someone for the first time the subject of what we do for a living comes up. When I tell them what I do, they’ll start an argument about it.
    “I’ve tried goal setting, it never did anything for me.”
    “Those quacks say you can just set a goal for a million dollars and it will come true. Everyone knows that doesn’t work.”
    “What’s the point? I’ve tried New Years resolutions and they never come true.”
This is an easy argument for me to win, because Goal setting does work and I will prove it in one of these typical conversations…
Paul: “Hey, I see you have a car out there. Did you inherit it?”
No Goal Guy: “No, I bought it.”
Paul: “So, Did you just rip a check out of your checkbook and hand it to someone and say “Bring me a car.” ?
No Goal Guy: “No Paul, I wanted a Cadillac. So I saved up some money and went up to the dealer and bought it at 5% financing on the balance.”Paul: “Ok, so why did you choose a Cadillac? Did someone command you to go buy it? Did they pick out the Red color? Did they insist you get the improved stereo? Did they demand you get the Cts series?”
By now, they are starting to pick up that I am setting a trap.
No goal guy: “Is there a point to this? I’ve wanted a Cadillac  for years – it’s my dream car. Finally, I got to the point where I could afford one, so I went up and got the color I wanted with the enhancements I wanted.
Paul: “So you admit goal setting does work….
No goal guy: “That’s not goal setting.”
Paul: “Of course it is. Goal setting is working toward a dream and achieving it. You formed a picture of that car in your mind, you unconsciously worked a series of steps, and then you eventually obtained it.”
The act of not setting goals is virtually impossible.
Frankly, a person who doesn’t set goals is either in a coma or dead.
Think about it. Nearly everything you own, all of your surroundings are a result of a picture in your mind before you built, made or bought it. Some readers got what you wanted more efficiently by first acknowledging that it works but also taking advantage of it by using the system to get more.
So does goal setting work? Of course it does. There are only varying degrees of efficiency with it.
I liken it to you wanting to go somewhere and let's say your are in a train station and approach the ticket window. You say to the clerk I wish to purchase a ticket for the train. Of course his first response is what destination do wish to go to. Then you stupidly answer. Oh, I don't care just give me a ticket to anywhere. Sir, I can't sell you a ticket unless you tell me where you wish to go it must be a specific place. Do you get it? You want to go somewhere or attain something but you don't know what, it's like getting lost and going around in circles you'll never get to where you want to be.
Paul Barrus

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Friday, January 14, 2011


                                 DO YOU BELIEVE THE HYPE
Many people don't know that it's possible to make a living online, or at least a good extra income. Most think you have to have to go to college and have a great job to make a lot of money these days. Well if you think that way, I'm about to really surprise you, and show you exactly how you can make a lot of money online starting now! The truth behind Mobile Monopoly, it is not a scam!!
This is happening right now - the old online “money holes” are freezing over… the mother load is going mobile… and all the “old school” marketers are left shifting the deck chairs around before their ship goes down.
In fact… this is set to be the biggest “redistribution” of wealth online since before the dot-com “tech wreck” of the early 90's: All those “experts” sitting pretty on top of big, lumbering businesses are in for a rough ride… with this product called Mobile Monopoly.
… and if you're JUST STARTING OUT, new and nimble with nothing to “unlearn”… you're about to get in on the ground floor and skip right to where it would have taken you years to get to fighting it out on Google.
And it's not just me saying it - the companies on the inside of this trend watching it play out are scrambling to “reinvent” themselves from scratch to make mobile their new best friend.Mobile Monopoly has postured itself to be in the driver's seat of the 21st century
• It's why Google's not calling itself a “search engine” anymore - their new mantra's “mobile first”… and they're going on the record warning…
*  It's why Apple doesn't want to be in the “computer business” anymore - they're a “mobile company” now!
And the facts prove it's not just some “fad”… because…
* There are already 5 billion people walking around with mobile phones --that means mobile is already nearly five times bigger than the Internet
* (Since you are going to be one of the first people to REALLY get into mobile marketing, you need to understand just how huge this is.)
* Apple just sold over 2 million more iPhones… and Google's bragging that their customers are activating 160,000 Droid smartphones a day!
(that's at the same time the biggest maker of desktop PC's is on the verge of bankruptcy)…
*More than HALF of all new Internet connections are from mobile “smartphones”… and…
* These 5 billion cell phone owners… 51 million+ smartphone surfers… are carrying these pocket-size computers around with them around the clock!
* (get this: 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24/7… and about a third of people with a cell phone would rather be without their wallet than their phone!)
* Think about it:  If you timed out how much of the day you spent with your cell phone vs. sitting at your computer… it wouldn't even be close, would it?
* (Yet most marketers have no clue how to market to people who aren't glued to a desktop PC!)
A critical key is to make sure you do it in a way that will not be perceived by the recipient as annoying or an intrusion. The way it works is you purchase an advertising block of a fixed amount. A $50 advertising block is typical when it comes to marketing via cell phones. Your message about the product you found at ClickBank gets sent to tens of thousands of cell phone owners. You only pay something when the user "clicks" on your advertisement. A very small amount of about 5 or so cents per click.
Here is something to consider. Most of the items on ClickBank will pay you a commission amount of between $22-$55. Let us say 1 out of every 100 phone owners who clicks on your ad buys the product. At 5 cents a click your total cost for a sale is $5. Even for a $22 product sale your STILL making a $17 profit. Even if only 1 in 200 people who click on your cell phone ad buy your still making a decent profit.
There is a FANTASTIC program, Mobile Monopoly, teaches you exactly, step by step, with 18 videos how to make money with mobile phones. It is the next generation for marketers. For more information on Mobile Monopoly you may CLICK HERE NOW

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



                                                     YES OR NO ? SEE BELOW

     Lead Net Pro is the newest “lead scraping” tool to hit the market recently. While it claims to move at lightening speed and have an accuracy rating of 99%, I think we all know it’s not going to be that accurate.
I decided to investgate a bit and get the real Lead Net Pro facts so I could give those looking at the program an honest insight to what your getting.
     Unfortunately you have to buy it to be able to get any kind of test run on it and  while it is a pretty good investment at $397.00, if it does even half of what it says it could do it would be well worth it.
     The first thing I was thinking was if it’s as fast as they say it is, there is going to be some serious time needed on setting it up. I”m not a “technical” person by any means,  so I was fully prepared to be sitting in front of the computer for half the day trying to get it running right. Much to my surprise, it was really very simple to install. There is only a couple of minor things you need to install on a hosting account and you’re up and running.
Now, they do suggest having a separate hosting account that you use for Lead Net Pro only. I bought an extra one through Hostgator for $8.95 a month and that’s where I loaded it up. Due to the fact you will be using an in house email-er, they say you shouldn’t put it on your hosting account that you have websites already on in case there is a problem. Makes good sense to me in the fact that you don’t want your sites to be penalized in  case your hosting account gets complaints.
They’ve done a really really good job explaining how to go about contacting these leads without getting any spam complaints.  It’s  a pretty simple formula that’s will work for sure.
    Now that I was up and had the Lead Net Pro MLM extractor ready to go, I realized that it’s not just for MLM stuff. You can really use this for a ton of other things you might want to do too also.  If you sell physical products or have an online business that caters to offline businesses, this thing can really cut down on your time.
So the main thing I wanted to test out was just how fast this thing would fly. They state very clearly that they are the fastest program out there, but I always like to see things for myself. .
Everything is searched for by keyword so it makes it very easy to pull just what you are looking for. One thing to be aware of though is not searching for things with broad intent. You want to be as targeted as you can in order to get the best results. If you search for thing like “home based business”, there are any number of things you could get back that won’t be any good for you. So make sure that you are drilling down as close to the exact thing you are looking for.
Finally, I decided to see just how easy the mailer and the phone set up was in Lead Net Pro. Yes, they actually have a phone system that you can automate to get people interested in what it is you are offering and you don’t have to hire a telemarketer to do it. You can just pre-record messages and load them yourself. Both programs were very simple to set up and test out even for someone who is as “Techie stupid” like myself.
    Overall, I was very impressed with the system itself. Like anything else, if you don’t use it, it’s not going to give you any results, but if you do, it would be really difficult to see how it couldn’t get you your money back very quickly.
The compensation plan for it is really good as well. The first sale goes to the person who introduced you to the course and then after that, you make $300.00 for each sale.  Only thing I wasn’t to fond of is the fact you have to actually buy the system before you are allowed to promote it, but with as many people grabbing this program as expected, I don’t think there will be any shortage of buyers any time soon. Have your best day and year ever.
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Friday, January 7, 2011


                                                TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL THAT IS THE QUESTION
     What am I trying to convey by asking this question ? I'm trying to get you to see that it is better to teach people than to sell to people. Whenever someone has something to sell they immediately sing out about how great it is to whoever will listen . It is just not a natural thing to refrain yourself from telling potential customers about your goods or products, instead of teaching them how they can accomplish what they want to on their own, without having to buy from you. There are few that do it this way but that is why it WORKS LIKE HECK for those that do.
     When network marketing was first started some 60 years ago a good old fashioned sales pitch could get the job done. That was a legitimate approach to building a second income. Even sales tactics like cold calling strangers and inviting them to a sales meeting at your house with the allure of cocktails and finger foods to tell them about your opportunity was effective.
     Today let's look at the hard facts. Every household has two or more computers, two or more TV sets and people are bombarded with hundreds maybe even thousands of sales pitches a day. Really the only way to get attention and make yourself stand out is to be a trusted teacher.
     This doesn't mean you never tell anyone about your products or your opportunity it simply means you have to win the right to pitch to them ( if you choose to call it that), by building a relationship first.
     Getting top notch people to line up to buy your services or products and join in your oppurtunity is relatively simple. You say how, well stop doing what is unattractive to them and that means stop the sales pitches and do what is attractive to them. I believe what 's attractive is to teach and help others. Why ? Because, no one in network marketing today should be putting themselves through the misery of repeated rejection by friends and family.
     Do yourself a big favor and seek out your own personal strategies and training so you can pass on that info to your fellow marketers, especially the ones that are seeking the same success and the same opportunity you are. Be a friend and a teacher it really is quite rewarding and also quite profitable to approach your business in this manner.
    An excellent and I might also ad a FREE and incredible training site is NetDivvy follow this link to see.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


     Why do most people get involved with Global Domains International or "GDI"?  I Imagine people get involved with this opportunity either because they want their own domain name or they wish to have a residual income online.

     Let's be honest the internet is a billion dollar industry. So your pretty smart if you want to grab your share of that. If you somehow found out about "GDI" you probably are interested to know if it is another scam. Because it is a network marketing company certainly doesn't mean it's not legit.
     Global Domains is ranked # 37 by the Inc.500 magazine and has been around for more than 10 years. They certainly seem to be a big part of this industry. Many people in the company choose to market the business opportunity first then the product so many marketers see that as a red flag going up and the light bulb goes off in their heads it's got to be a scam.
     Before you start a business and I mean any business customers need to be able to locate you and on the internet, your address is your domain name. The part of the internet address that comes after the www.--- dot com continues to sell like hotcakes. There are 20 million dot com domains and over 34 million domains overall registered worldwide.  Experts say there will be more than 500 million domains registered in the next 10 years.
     I believe GDI isn't a scam; however, there appears to be much about this industry showing that making money with their system can be quite difficult. They do have great products. Marketing is a key to staying on top. Look for a marketing company which will teach you how to drive traffic to you and to your website this is a much more effective way to build a business and make a large income online ! You can take advantage of a marketing and training site that you can use absolutely FREE by visiting here. CHECK IT OUT
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